August Newsletter

28 July 2016

August eNews

What effect is our changing climate having on plants and animals in New Zealand? What can we do about it?

7.00pm Friday 29th July WEA,
59 Gloucester Street (opp. Art Gallery)

 Did you know that New Zealand has 985 native plants and animals that are threatened by extinction and that up to 70 of them could be extinct by the end of the century because of climate change? It’s urgent we must act now for nature.

Forest & Bird has launched a roadshow to talk with New Zealanders about the impact that climate change will have on nature, how nature can help in New Zealand’s climate change response and what we can do to help.

We warmly invite you to a public meeting hosted by Forest & Bird's North Canterbury Branch and 350 Christchurch where Geoff Keey, Forest and Bird’s national advisor on climate disruption will be speaking. 350 Christchurch will also present briefly and there will be plenty of time for discussion on actions we can take.

You can download information about climate disruption that Forest & Bird produced for the roadshow here. Displays at the meeting include one by Solar City, and one by an electric car development team. If we are lucky this may involve actual electric cars on display to inspire us! .

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Public Talk: What is living under the surface of Canterbury waterways?

   Photo: Terry Thomsen
7.30pm Tuesday 9th August WEA,
59 Gloucester Street (opp. Art Gallery)

Sjaan Bowie (Department of Conservation) and Sophie Allen (Working Waters Trust) will speak on the amazing freshwater fish and invertebrates we have in our Canterbury waterways. Sjaan will provide an overview of our freshwater fish found in Canterbury, threats facing them and some hints on how we can all help them. Sophie will highlight some fascinating freshwater invertebrate critters found in Canterbury and present an overview of the exciting new Forest and Bird 'Middelmost Mudfish Project' on a dairy farm.​

Supper and a chat afterwards.


Rhodes Reserve and Governors Bay guided walk

1.00pm Sunday 14th August 2016
Reserve on the main road at the intersection with Cresswell Rd

Led by John Thacker manager of Rhodes Reserve which is a reserve owned by Forest and Bird in the heart of Governors Bay. This field trip will be an exploration as well as a 'weeds education' tour. We will go for (optional) afternoon tea at one of the lovely eateries in the bay. Please register for this field trip by emailing John on or by phoning him on 03 329 9472. We need numbers for the afternoon tea plus a contact for weather postponement.

Mahoe-nui Bush Restoration Project – Lower Site Planting day

9.15 - 11.30am Saturday 30th July 2016
Big hairpin bend on Evans Pass

Our third winter planting day at Mahoe-nui Bush Lower Site. Equipment and delicious morning tea provided. This site is much gentler gradient so more suitable for kids. Best to wear gumboots or sturdy boots.

Please contact Vanessa (, 021 0255 6918) or Peter (, 326 6831, 021 0235 4473) for further information or visit our webpage for Mahoe-nui Bush - here.

'Sanctuary' Working Bee

   Photo: Helen Hills
1 - 3pm Saturday 27th August
Western end of Coutts Island Road

Our new braided river project called 'The Sanctuary' is on the Waimakariri and is a partnership project with the Parks and Reserves team of Environment Canterbury, in particular with Greg Stanley, who has been doing wonderful work in the area. In July we planted 200 native plants.

The meeting place is at the western end of Coutts Island Rd - see map for directions. Wear sturdy footwear, warm clothing and bring garden gloves. Phone Colleen 03 981 8556 or text Greg 027 702 0811 for cancellation or information.

Are you interested in trapping? We are setting up a trapping group to help protect the braided river birds on this part of the river. If you are keen to help (beginners welcome) please contact Steve email: ph 027 4191080 or 03 349 303

The official launch of our Waimakariri 'Sanctuary' project is on September 10th from 1pm. There will be short guided walks plus other family-friendly activities.

Paparoa National Park Management Plan - Review. Urgent !!!.

5:00 pm, 5th August 2016

Please help our West Coast branch defend the conservation values of Paparoa National Park. Submissions are due on Friday, August 5th at 5pm on the proposed plan review. Further information for submission writing available here.

Save New Zealand Sea Lions

5th August 2016

Make a submission to reduce the impact of commercial fishing on sea lions here.

Canterbury Forest and Bird Facebook Group

We have started a new facebook group which may be accessed here.

Other Events

Growing Voices

5th, 19th, 20th August
Various locations (see link below.)

Growing Voices – let’s talk Aoraki is a forum and workshop series for youth to shape conservation into the future. Three workshops will run over 3 months from Friday 5th August 2016, and it’s open to anyone 15-25 years (although we will consider older participants!). Information and registration is online here.

We need young people represented in our public consultation process, as their voice and action will carry into a future we can only dream about. Lifting young people up and supporting them as the leaders of this future is something we can all be part of - please support this kaupapa to shine.


Get in touch!

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello then please drop us a line.

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Links of interest

Canterbury farmers on notice. Forest and Bird's Kevin Hackwell and Bill Bayfield on RNZ here.

Can we save Canterbury's problem waterways? Lecture on you tube here.

Ozone hole appears to be healing.

ChCh City Council drastically reduces use ofRoundup.

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Diary Dates

29 July 7:00pm
Climate Disruption meeting.

30 July 9:15 - 11:30am
Mahoe-nui Lower Site planting day

9 August 7:30pm
Public talk on native freshwater fish.

14 August 1:00pm
Rhodes Reserve and Governors Bay guided walk.

27 August 1:00 - 3:00pm
Sanctuary working bee.

To see a summary of upcoming events, please visit our website.