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1 February 2018

February eNews

Kia ora <<Preferred Name>>,

Public Talk: Living by and off the Sea - Challenges for
                     Kaikoura's Marine Birdlife.

Ailsa Howard and Lorna Deppe

Tuesday February 13, 7.30pm,
WEA, 59 Gloucester Street (op. Art Gallery) 

This talk will introduce you to both beach and mountain dwellers among Kaikoura’s marine birdlife: the Banded dotterel (Charadrius bicinctus) and the Hutton’s shearwater (Puffinus huttoni). We will outline the challenges these species face as well as conservation efforts undertaken. Inhabiting quite different ecological niches, both species are or have been under severe pressure due to introduced predators. While successful mitigation measures have been implemented for Hutton’s shearwater, leading to stabilisation if not increase in population numbers, the severity of the issue is only becoming apparent for Banded dotterel attempting to breed on South Bay beach. Current strategies to control this will be discussed.

Furthermore, we will touch on factors impacting on bird populations which are completely out of our control: Earthquakes. While Banded dotterel gained foraging habitat due to risen sea floors and increased tidal areas along the coast, Hutton’s shearwater suffered significant habitat loss at their breeding colonies in the mountains due to rock slips and collapsed burrows. Timing of these events had it that in addition many lives of adult breeders were lost in the process. This is a story of loss and hope and the dedication of those who care.

All welcome. Supper and a chat afterwards.

Middelmost Mudfish Project Second Birthday & Planting

1:00 - 3:00pmSunday 25th February.
332 Island Rd, View Hill (West of Oxford)

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Middelmost Mudfish Project with Working Waters Trust!

To celebrate we'll be planting native plants in a newly created wetland area as an important spawning habitat for the threatened Canterbury mudfish.

For the birthday party, those who would like to are welcome to come to the Famous Sheffield Pie Shop (the Oxford outlet on 78 Main St, Oxford), at 12pm before the planting to have lunch together. 

Details of how to get there, what to bring and who to contact can be found on the webpage.

 Working Bees

For more details of our working bees, please go to our website here

9:15-11.30am: Saturday 17th February
On the summit road 900m west of Evans Pass (towards the City). 

  • 'Sanctuary' braided-river project

    1:00-3:30pm: Thursday 15th February

    1:00-3:30pm: Saturday  24th February

  • Middelmost 2nd Birthday Planting Afternoon

    1:00 - 3:00pm: Sunday 25th February

  • Native orchid and mistletoe.

    Spotted while doing volunteer pest trapping at Boyle Base in the Lewis Pass, New Years
    Photos: Helen Hills

    Your Branch Needs You

    Was helping be a voice for nature and a champion of wild places, supported by New Zealand’s own preeminent wildlife organisation, the reason you joined Forest and Bird? Then the North Canterbury Branch needs you! We have a number of voluntary roles that we are seeking help with.

    1. Membership secretary/ treasurer’s apprentice/support 
      The chairperson, secretary and treasurer all have things that someone with some computer savvy, communications skills and/or interest in engaging with and finding more about our members would be able to help us with. This could be one person or divided up amongst more than one. If your interest is more towards organising spreadsheets and working with accounts then you could help the treasurer. If you prefer to work with people you could take a membership secretary role. As with all our volunteers, the amount of work you take on is up to you. We at Forest and Bird support each other to enjoy life as well as to “make a difference.”

    Please contact Colleen to discuss this further. Phone: 981 8556
                                                                              Email: ppearsonandcphilip@gmail.com

  • Stalls' Volunteer
    As part of our outreach into the community, we often run stalls at events e.g. we want to have a stall at the Summer in the Styx day on February 18th. This is a chance to showcase our projects, give out material to the wider public and talk with people about Forest and Bird and conservation issues. We need a team of people who will take a turn on a stall. You will always have a committee member with you. It is a fun role and involves going to interesting places and events as well as being of service to the branch.

    Contact Frances if you might be able to help.
    Email: northcanterbury.branch@forestandbird.org.nz.

  • The Hendrikje Buss Marine Fund

    The committee decided in December to establish a marine fund. We want to ensure the importance of marine work is not overlooked either by ourselves or future committees. Marine work in the North Canterbury branch area has tended in the past to be given a relatively low priority due to the demands of other areas of concern. Having a separate fund in our accounts will act as a constant reminder and a prompt to thought and action.

    The fund is named after Hendrikje Buss (25 January 1965 – 1 October 2017) as she in recent years played a central role in our marine work and was the primary person emphasising to the current committee the importance of marine work and our need to lift our game.

    If you wish to donate to the marine fund, please send a cheque to Forest and Bird North Canterbury PO Box 2389, Christchurch 8140 or deposit to 06-0829-0090255-25 stating your name & “marine” as references.

    If you have a personal interest in marine issues and would like to join our “marine team”, please contact Colleen: (03) 981 8556 to discuss this.


    Stocker Scholarship Report 2017

    Every year the North Canterbury branch offers scholarships worth up to $3000 for postgraduate students carrying out conservation or environment related research in Canterbury. The 2017 winners will present the results of their research at a public talk during the year.

    The 2017 Stocker Scholarship report by Jennifer Schori on Conservation Management of the Robust Grasshopper can be accessed here.

    Huge Win for the MacKenzie

    MacKenzie Guardians has been taking legal action against intensive irrigation in the MacKenzie for a number of years. North Canterbury Forest and Bird has been contributing to the legal costs of mediation. Recently, two Environment Court appeals in relation to irrigation consents were withdrawn. This means that the proposals to irrigate approx. 1200 ha of land between Twizel and Lake Benmore with several centre pivots will now not proceed.

    Full details can be read here.

    Seaweek Cycle

    10:30am – 1:00pm, Sunday March 11
    Meet at Tidal View

    Forest and Bird and friends invite you to ride from Ferrymead to Sumner, with a feature talk by Islay Marsden “What are the Birds Feeding on in the Estuary?” We can spend time to stop, watch the birds and talk about them along the way, so bring binoculars if you have them.

    Optional: dress up your bike and/or yourself with a marine theme. Spot prizes! A fun event for all ages (under 14s must have an adult with them.) This is part of the NZAEE Seaweek Program. Any questions, contact Colleen (03) 981 8556.

    Other Events

    Summer in the Styx

    11:00am – 3:00pmSunday 18th February
    303 Radcliffe Road

    The Styx Living Laboratory Trust is holding their annual public event, ‘Summer in the Styx’ at the new CCC reserve at 303 Radcliffe Road.  

    The day will include displays and activities for all ages. The location for this event boasts eight hectares of native forest plantings, a series of constructed freshwater lakes and ponds, four natural waterways including the Styx/Puharakekenui River and Ka Putahi Creek, historic farm buildings and an area specifically established to demonstrate Rongoa Maori (Maori medicinal plants).

    So, come and explore one of Christchurch’s brand new Regional Parks with the Styx Living Laboratory Trust. Bring your friends and family for a walk through the new native forest, and enjoy a unique and hidden wilderness experience right on your doorstep.

    For details see website.

    Farewell to the Godwits

    4pm Friday 2nd March

    The Southshore Residents Association as one of the partners in the Farewell to the Godwits event is organising the bbq for the 2018 event and is asking for volunteers to help them. They will be preparing up to 500 sausages and will have 2 bbqs operating to feed up to 500 people. If you would like to help with this event could you please email Bill Simpson a few weeks in advance so he knows if they have enough people.

    Te Waihora/Ellesmere bird count 

    Saturday February 10

    The annual Te Waihora/Ellesmere bird count is a great day out with a chance to visit some interesting parts of the lake shore. Small teams, led by an experienced birder, will head out in the morning around the lake. Teams will return to base early to mid afternoon to share results.

    If you are fit, committed and interested in the birdlife of the lake email Denise manager@wet.org.nz or ring 021 052 9720 to find out more. We’d love to have more team members with bird counting experience but interested beginners are also very welcome..

    Get in touch!

    If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello then please drop us a line.

    Chair - Colleen Phillip (Ph: 981 8556)
    Secretary - Frances Wall
    Treasurer - Hugh Thorpe
    KCC - Karen Goky-Curry and Fiona Miller
    Mahoe-nui Bush - Helen Hills
    Website, eNews - Michael Godfrey
    Boyle Base - Branch Secretary
    Calder Green Reserve - Mick Ingram (Ph: 03 384 8080 / 021 816633)

    Membership - for changes to membership or donations.  
    membership@forestandbird.org.nz  (Ph: 0800 200 064)

    Committee members - 
    Valerie Campbell
    Ainslie Talbot
    Steve Attwood

    Penny Wright
    Helen Hills
    Hugh Thorpe
    George Moon
    Rick Robinson
    Shannon Gilmore
    Gabriel Calcott
    Renee Habluetzel
    Paul Broady

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    To see a summary of upcoming events, please visit our website.