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29 August 2016

September eNews

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Middelmost Mudfish Project Planting Day

1:00-4.00pm Sunday 4th September 2016
332 Island Rd, View Hill (West of Oxford)

Meet at Belfast Hotel Carpark (The Peg) 12:15pm for carpooling and we will all meet up at the Oxford Hotel, the western end of Oxford at 12.45pm before driving to the farm.

The Middelmost Dairy Farm near Oxford (Google map) is an exciting new wetland restoration project for Forest and Bird, in partnership with Working Waters Trust and the landowner. We aim to retire a boggy area from farming to become an exciting wetland area and restore two springheads.

Please bring a spade and gardening gloves if you have them, as well as dress to the weather with sunhat and sunscreen or rain jacket and woolly hat. We'll be planting about 400 plants around the newly created wetland ponds and some along the main spring which houses the 'Nationally Critical' Canterbury mudfish. The planting will be preceded by a brief project launch ceremony.

RSVP to Sophie Allen or 022 315 0981 so that you can be notified if it is postponed.

Public Talk: Plant treasures on the edge of Christchurch and biodiversity of the Rakaia river terraces

7.30pm Tuesday 13th September WEA,
59 Gloucester Street (opp. Art Gallery)

Canterbury Botanical Society committee members Alice Shanks and Jason Butt are seeking Forest and Bird support for the formal protection of a significant area of dryland river terrace at Te Pirita. They will explain the legal status and ecological context of the site and showcase the plants and animals that inhabit the area.

Supper and a chat afterwards.

Mahoe-nui Bush Restoration

Upper Site Spring Plantcare day

9.15-11.30am Saturday 3rd September 2016
Summit Road, 900m east of Evans Pass

Lower Site Spring Plantcare day

9.15-11.30am Saturday 17th September 2016
Big hairpin bend on Evans Pass Rd

For both working bees, we will be weeding/releasing around the plants to give them the space and light to grow, and mulching to keep the weeds down and moisture in. Equipment and morning tea provided. Please note – parts of the site are quite steep and can be slippery - wear gumboots or sturdy boots.

Please contact Vanessa (, 021 0255 6918) or Peter (, 326 6831, 021 0235 4473) for further infomation or visit our webpage for Mahoe-nui Bush -

'Sanctuary' Braided-River Project Planting Day.

1:00pm Saturday 24th September 2016
Western end of Coutts Island Road

The Sanctuary' is our braided river project on the Waimakariri where we are restoring a wetland and caring for a waterway in partnership with Greg Stanley the ECan Parks and Reserves ranger who has responsibility for the riverside area.

The project launch/open day has had to be postponed because of an injury to Greg. A replacement date is not available at this point.

The most important thing is to make sure we do the conservation work on site so we are focusing on the working bees which will continue each fourth Saturday of the month, 1.00 - 3.00pm, September 24th, October 22nd, November 26th. Western end of Coutts Island Rd See map.

We also hope to help the breeding river-birds in other ways. Do you want to help trap predators? Contact Steve Do you want to sit peacefully by the river for a couple of hours, probably on a weekend during the breeding season, being an extra pair of eyes and ears and perhaps assist in educating a few of the wider public on disturbance issues? Contact Colleen ph 981 8556

NZ Bird of the Year

North Canterbury branch is again planning to champion the iconic braided-river bird the wrybill, ngutuparore. We have help from BRaid, Te Kohaka oTuhaitara Trust, Ashley Rakahuri Rivercare Group and our musical 'ambassadors' One Waka. Can you help? We need people to be on stalls giving out wrybill (and other braided river) information. We need teachers to receive our education and activity packs and to spread the word in their schools.

Phone or email Colleen (, ph: 03 981 8556) or email Steve (, if you can help, or to put us in contact with people who can. Dates for this year's campaign still to be confirmed by national office.

Canterbury Water Management Strategy Zone Committees

The ten Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS) zone committees are an integral part of the strategy, intended to encourage better involvement of local people in local water issues. They comprise community, council and runanga representatives, supported by dedicated council staff. Community representatives are selected, not elected and so the zone committees have almost no executive powers, they can only advocate to the relevant councils. However the selection process is open and quite rigorous with candidates screened for perceived ability to work cooperatively as well as being able to represent a sector of the community having a relevant interest in water (i.e. recreation),  an appropriate background in water issues (e.g. hydrology) or youth etc.

There is a significant time commitment and Community Representatives receive a modest honorarium. As expected, the Zone Committees' local focus leads them in different directions. For instance the Ashburton committee is concerned, among other issues, with irrigation and its effects in that zone while the Christchurch-West Melton committee focuses more on urban river issues and groundwater. The only significant decision making power of a zone committee is through a dedicated fund of $100,000 per year to each committee for "Immediate Steps Bio-diversity" projects.  Individuals or groups may apply for funding and details on how to apply are below.

Website to Immediate Steps funding

The Otukaikino story and images have been posted up as a feature article on DOC's Nature Spaces website.

For contacts see website.

Hugh Thorpe

New Resources Webpage

We have a new webpage with background information and links related to our public talks. View here

Freshwater Facebook page

Forest and Bird have a new facebook page on freshwater issues called Freshwater 111.
Welcome Back the Wrybill

9:00am Saturday 18th September 2016
Ashburton Courthouse

Ashburton Forest and Bird will welcome the wrybill back in the Upper Ashburton and then do some wilding in the vicinity. 9am at the Ashburton Courthouse or phone Peter Howden 033036027.

Kaki Conservation Field Trip

10.00am Saturday 8th October 2016
DOC Captive Breeding Centre, Twizel

Join Central Otago Lakes Branch (COLB) Forest and Bird for an exciting day at the DOC Captive Breeding Centre, Twizel. Learn about braided rivers and one of the rarest wading birds in the world; Kaki the black stilt.

Regarded by Maori as toanga species (living treasure). The day will include a talk from key staff working on the Kaki Recovery Programme, visit to the black stilt viewing area and the chance to see newly hatched kaki chicks.

For more details or to book a place, contact: Rachel Hufton or Denise Bruns

Kiwis for Kiwi

Our Online Communications Advisor Kimberley Collins has signed up to be part of a charity boxing match to support Kiwis for Kiwi. Over the next 12 weeks she will be training for a boxing match in November and hopes to raise $1,500 for kiwi conservation!

We’re losing 2% of our kiwi each year and 27 kiwi are killed by predators EVERY WEEK! Her goal of $1,500 is enough to protect 15 kiwi from pests and predators every year. She’d love for you to support her with whatever you can here.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello then please drop us a line.

ChairColleen Phillip (Ph: 981 8556)
Secretary - Frances Wall
Treasurer & public talks Ainslie Talbot
KCCposition currently vacant
Mahoe-nui BushVanessa Horwell
Website, eNews - Michael Godfrey
Boyle BaseLesley Shand (Ph: 379 0316)
Calder Green ReserveMick Ingram (Ph: 03 384 8080 / 021 816633)

Membership - for changes to membership or donations.  (Ph: 0800 200 064)

Facebook Group - here

Committee members - 
Valerie Campbell
Steve Attwood

Penny Wright
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Hugh Thorpe
George Moon

Links of interest

Christchurch Dilemmas is a website discussing the future of Christchurch including options for the Red Zone. 

Professor James Renwick of the Royal Society of New Zealand on "Ten things to know about climate change."


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Diary Dates

27 August 1:00pm Cancelled!!!
Sanctuary working bee.

3 September 
9:15 - 11:30am
Mahoe-nui Upper Site plantcare day

4 September 
1:00 - 4:00pm
Middelmost mudfish project planting day

13 September 7:30pm
Public talk

17 September 
9:15 - 11:30am
Mahoe-nui Lower Site spring plantcare day

24 September 1:00pm
Sanctuary working bee.

1 October 1:00pm
Calder-Green Reserve working bee.

15 October 8:30am
Birding Trip to Ashley/Rakahuri Estuary and River.

To see a summary of upcoming events, please visit our website.