Bird Survey Middelmost Farm Oxford

16th May 2016. 9.20am - 10.45am

The results, on a day of light drizzle with survey mainly in the Mudfish Moat and Pukeko Pond area and a short stay in Heifer Hollow, were quite credible. Especially as first few minutes all seemed quiet and devoid of any life bar a few friendly cows.

Paradise Shelduck 6
Mallard and Grey Duck 4
White Faced Heron 1
Australasian Harrier 2
Pukeko 12
Spur Winged Plover 5
Black Backed Gull 8
Australian Magpie 3
Blackbird 2
Thrush 1 (heard)
Starling 6
Silvereye 8
Yellowhammer 7
Swallow 1
Dunnock 1
Chaffinch 8
House Sparrow 2
Fantail 1 ( seen in Heifer Hollow)

We were very grateful for the permission given by the owner, Althea Maclean, and for her detailed and helpful instructions, as unfortunately she was not available on the day to see us.