Boyle Base Report March 2016

The tally since October 2010 remains at 166 stoats. We have had a calm before the storm in which no stoats have been caught since Christmas 2015.

Monitoring occurs in February, May, August and November. A nasty surprise has been the 7 weasels we have caught in our traps. It is not only in the Lewis Pass they have been turning up but in Canterbury in general. Little is known on weasel biology.

The New Bird Stations are great for 5 minute bird counts. Come and try them out by looking and listening for bird life. A great activity for all the family.

Mistletoe is prolific and in February had orange berries. We tried pretending we were birds establishing mistletoe on young growing beeches, by wiping berries off onto branches. Gerry McSweeney has tried this before and has had about 30% success.

The new bunkroom inside (known as the bathroom or trap room) is a great success. Thanks to John and son, James M and Steve H for their great carpentry work. It looks so neat.

Everyone is welcome at Boyle Base. Contact Lesley Shand 379 0316 for a booking.

Lesley Shand