Chefs join forces to help launch sustainable seafood app

Forest & Bird is preparing to release their highly anticipated consumer guide to sustainable seafood this Thursday, with the support of a number of New Zealand’s best loved cooking personalities.

The Best Fish Guide is a mobile app which uses a traffic light system to guide consumers in their purchasing decisions for 87 different fish species.

The guide is built on comprehensive, independent research, and will show which seafood species are caught most sustainably, and which are having the worst impact on the environment.

Chef and publisher Annabel Langbein has added her voice and a custom recipe to the guide, saying "I believe the entire culinary community can play an important part in safeguarding the future of our oceans – by raising awareness of the vulnerability of many of our seafoods, helping people make ocean-friendly choices and sharing ideas about how to cook lesser-known species.”

“New Zealanders have been shocked this year by revelations of illegal and destructive fishing practices, so we’re really pleased to offer a simple, accurate guide that cuts through the talk and lets consumers make a genuine difference for our ocean,” says Kevin Hackwell, Forest & Bird Campaigns Manager.

“Only half of 1% of our marine environment is protected in no-take reserves. On land, 30% of the environment has conservation status and this should be the same for the sea. Thirty percent of our marine space needs to be protected in no-take marine reserves.

“In the meantime, consumers can use their purchasing power to send a message to retailers and the fishing industry that they want sustainably fished seafood.

“There’s plenty of choice for Kiwis who love their seafood but want more sustainable options. The Best Fish Guide is a powerful tool that helps seafood lovers make a difference by voting with their wallet,” says Mr Hackwell.

“The guide lists a number of ‘great to eat’ seafood choices, which we look forward to revealing this Thursday.”