Forest & Bird offers once in a lifetime chance to work with kākāpō

Conservation enthusiasts are being offered the chance to visit Whenua Hou (Codfish Island) to care for kākāpō this May.

Forest & Bird is auctioning a two-week, all-inclusive stay on the island and the lucky winner will play a key role in ensuring the survival of these critically endangered parrots.

Forest & Bird hopes to use the auction to raise awareness and funds to enable its work to protect more of New Zealand’s threatened species and habitats.

One of Forest & Bird's fundraisers, Jess Winchester, says it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Few people people will ever have the chance to see a kākāpō, let alone observe them in their natural habitat or say they personally contributed to their conservation. It's an amazing experience that will go far in helping Forest & BIrd to protect New Zealand's unique and wonderful wildlife and places."

The winner of the auction will be flown to the remote island and will be responsible for maintaining feed stations on the island.

Whenua Hou is found 3 kilometres off the west coast of Stewart Island. It can only be reached by light plane or helicopter and is a specially-protected nature reserve.

Kākāpō were first released on the island in the late 80s where they have since thrived under a carefully managed breeding programme. Only 126 birds remain today.

The trip will take place between 4 - 18 May 2016.