Leatherjacket/Creamfish: Facts

Scientific name: Parika scaber

Other names: kokiri, kiririi (Maori), trigger fish.

Ranking: E (Red - Worst Choice)

Best Fish Guide: Leatherjacket/

 Ranking: E (Red- Worst Choice)

What's this? 

Alternative choice: Gurnard

Description: Leatherjacket or creamfish is a relatively small coastal species found throughout New Zealand, but largely caught off the South Island. Most of the catch is taken as bycatch in a range of trawl fisheries mainly targeting trevally, red gurnard and snapper but in recent years it has also been caught in some fisheries targeting squid.

Ecological concerns: Uncertainty about the state of the stocks, the lack of a stock assessment, limited research and no management plan. Bycatch of sharks and seabirds in associated fisheries is also of concern, as are impacts on seafloor habitats when caught with bottom trawl gear.

Economic value: The main market is domestic and Australia with exports of $660,000 in 2008.



Biology and risk of overfishing (score B)
Status and sustainability of fish catches (score D)
Impact of fishing method and protected, threatened and endangered species captures (score E and B)
Management and management unit (score E and D)

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