Ling: Quick Facts

Scientific name: Genypterus blacodes

Other names: hoka, hokarari, rari (Maori), ashiro, kingu (Japan), kingklip (South Africa).

Ranking: E (Red - Worst Choice)

 Best Fish Guide: Ling

 Ranking: E (Red- Worst Choice)

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Alternative Choice: Kingfish

Description: Ling is a bottom dwelling species of the eel family, which lives at depths of 300-700m throughout New Zealand. It is often caught as bycatch in hoki and hake trawl fisheries, though it is also targeted with bottom longline and bottom trawl methods. The ling trawl and longline fishery is currently seeking environmental certification under an international body - the Marine Stewardship Council.

Ecological concerns: Damage to fragile deepwater species and habitats caused by bottom trawling and the high level of globally threatened seabird species and NZ fur seals caught as bycatch. Also of concern is the unknown long-term sustainability of some current catch limits and landings, the uncertainty of stock boundaries, tthe lack of a management plan for the fishery and the loss of ling from diving depths.

Economic value: The main export markets are in Asia, particularly Hong Kong and Japan plus Australia and Spain. Exports were worth $42 million in 2010-11 which was similar to 2008.


Biology and risk of overfishing (score C)
Status and sustainability of fish catches (score C)
Impact of fishing method and protected, threatened and endangered species captures (score E and E)
Management and management unit (score C and C)

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