Silver Warehou

Silver Warehou: Quick Facts

Latin name: Seriolella punctata

Other names: Spotted warehou

Ranking: D (Amber - Concerns)

Best Fish Guide: Silver Warehou

 Ranking: D (Red - Worst Ranking)

What's this? 

Alternative Choice: Trevally

Description: Like the white warehou, silver warehou are a deeper ranging warehou species than the blue warehou, living off the continental shelf edge and its upper slope. It is mostly caught from the Chatham Rise (their major spawning ground), Canterbury Bight, southeast of Stewart Island and the west coast of the South Island at depths of 200-800m.

Ecological concerns: The absence of a quantitative stock assessment, resulting in the unknown sustainability of current catch levels and limits, the lack of current or reference biomass estimates and the uncertainty about stock boundaries. Also of concern is the overfishing of current catch limits, problems associated with the past mis-reporting of silver warehou as white warehou and the lack of a management plan. Trawling impacts on seabed habitats and communities is also of concern, as is seabird, marine mammal and non-target fish bycatch associated the fisheries in which this species is caught.

Economic value: Export value of about $22 million in 2009, with the main market being Japan.



Biology and risk of overfishing (score B)
Status and sustainability of fish catches (score D)
Impact of fishing method and protected, threatened and endangered species captures (score D and D)
Management and management unit (score D and C)

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