Trumpeter: Quick Facts

Scientific name: Latris lineata

Other names: porae, koekohe, kohikohi (Maori), striped trumpeter, okiisaki (Japan).

Ranking: E (Red - Worst Choice)

Best Fish Guide: Trumpeter

 Ranking:  E (Red - Worst Choice)

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Alternative Choice: Trevally

Description: This moki relative occurs in the cool, temperate waters of the Southern Hemisphere from the Indian Ocean to South America. In New Zealand it is found from the Bay of Plenty southwards to the Auckland Islands, but is mainly caught on the east coast of both main islands, ranging from 20 to 200m water depth. There is little targeted fishing for trumpeter - it is mainly caught s a bycatch fish in line fisheries, with some caught in trawl and set nets.

Ecological concerns: The absence of basic biological information about Trumpeter, the lack of a quantitative stock assessment and the unknown sustainability of recent catch levels. Also, the uncertainty over stock boundaries and the potential for localised depletion of some populations, plus the lack of a management plan. As a bycatch species itself, trumpeter fishing is also associated with other non-target fish bycatch.

Economic value: Trumpeter is sold in New Zealand.


Biology and risk of overfishing (score C)
Status and sustainability of fish catches (score D)
Impact of fishing method and protected, threatened and endangered species captures (score D and C)
Management and management unit (score E and C)