Kina Tempura


Martin Bosley

2 sheets of dried nori seaweed

8 kina roes

1C flour

500ml vegetable oil

Sea salt

3C iced water

1 egg yolk

1C flour 

To make tempura batter, add the egg yolk to the iced water and mix well. Keep 1 cup of this mix and throw away the rest

Cut the nori into 8 strips. Place a roe on each strip and roll up and dip the ends of the roll into the tempura batter to seal.

Coat each roll in the flour and dip each roll back into the tempura batter to coat evenly

Heat oil to approximately 180 degrees. Fry the rolls until crisp, about 4 minutes, then drain on kitchen paper.

Sprinkle with sea salt and serve with soy dipping sauce or wedges of lemon.


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