Mussels in Mint Sauce


Richard Till

A security guard at the Havelock Mussel Festival named Lou gave me this recipe. It is notable for having added to the shortlist of startlingly good ways to use mint sauce with seafood. For a number of years now, I’ve enjoyed the classic West Coast of the South Island combination of mint sauce with whitebait fritters. That had prepared me to look favourably on Lou’s mussel and mint sauce concoction. He says they’re perfect to eat while the barbecue cooks and that you can, if you wish, pat them dry and toss them in finely chopped parsley. 

Greenshell mussels
Mint sauce


Take a quantity of living greenshell mussels in their shells.

Steam them open in a big pot with a tight fitting lid. Remove them from their shells, clean and de-beard them

Toss them directly into a generous amount of mint sauce from which the flakes of mint leaf have been strained.

Refrigerate mussels overnight in the mint sauce then serve.

Richard Till is well-known for giving classic Kiwi food a modern and interesting twist. Author of six recipe books, the host of popular TV and radio cooking shows and a regular guest at food festivals, Richard’s fuss-free cooking style has won favour with homecooks around the country.