Oyster and sweetcorn fritters with sour cream and chives

Peter Gordon


I serve these as a nibble with a glass of Champagne or a Bellini when guests arrive. Serve two per person.

Makes 12

1 large egg plus1 egg white

60g polenta

½t salt 

150ml sour cream

150g corn kernels, fresh or tinned

2 spring onions, sliced

12 oysters, out of the shell (drain off juice)

butter or oil for frying

1T chives, finely sliced 

Mix egg and white with polenta, salt and half the sour cream. Stir in corn. Stand 10 minutes. Mix in spring onions and oysters. 

Heat a little oil or butter in a frying pan and dollop in small spoonfuls of mixture, allowing one oyster per fritter. Cook until fritters begin to firm slightly then flip and cook no more than 10 seconds — you don’t want to overcook the oysters. Flip back over and place on a platter, or in their own shells which have been washed well and warmed slightly. Dollop remaining sour cream on top of each fritter then sprinkle with the chives. Eat while still warm.


Whanganui-born Peter Gordon is widely revered as the father of fusion cuisine. Dividing his time between London and New Zealand, he now has five award-winning restaurants, has written seven cookbooks and regularly shares his culinary skills on television shows and in food columns. For more on Peter Gordon visit www.peter-gordon.net

For more on Peter Gordon, visit www.peter-gordon.net