Paua in its shell with garlic, soy and butter


Robert Oliver

The beautiful blue green flashes of the paua shell evoke the natural beauty of New Zealand’s oceans, so this presentation is sure to impress. This recipe is good with either the small paua, or larger paua. If you are using large paua, it helps to pound it with a meat hammer or the like to tenderise the central muscle. Garlic and butter are both terrific with paua, and many Kiwis will eat paua simply sautéed in both. Here, the addition of sesame, soy and honey is a reflection of New Zealanders increasing international approach to food. We use New Zealand manuka honey which has a woodsy aftertaste, but any good honey will do.

•    3 large or 6 small paua
•    100gm butter
•    3 cloves minced garlic
•    1T minced ginger
•    ½ cup white wine
•    ½ cup soy
•    1t sesame oil
•    1T manuka honey (or your favourite)
•    green onions
•    1 red capsicum
•    coriander sprigs


Shuck paua from shell and remove gut sac and beak
Scrub the shell well and rinse
If using large paua, slice off the large white connecting muscle and beat the paua with a meat hammer
Heat the butter in a pan and add the ginger, then the garlic
Add the paua and cook for 2 minutes on both sides for large paua, one minute for small
Remove paua from the pan and place on a board
Slice very thinly on a diagonal bias and place into the shell
Meanwhile, add the sesame oil, white wine, soy and honey to pan and reduce
Add some black pepper, and pour over the paua in the shell
Decorate with very thinly sliced green onions, red capsicum and a coriander sprig

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