Moore's Bush, Dunedin

Tracks: There is an easy 15 minute loop track,  that joins a longer track.Total walking time - 30 minutes. PDF Map of the track.

How to get there:
At the North end of George St, Dunedin, turn left into Malvern St and continue up the valley into Leith Valley Road for several km. Then turn into Thompson Road . The Reserve entrance, a stile next to a gate, is 50m up.

The locals:
Common native species found in the reserve include bellbird, tui, fantails, grey warbler, kereru (Native pigeon), yellow breasted tomtit, brown creeper and shining cuckoo. An inidentified kakariki has been noted and South Island robins have been seen nearby. Eastern rosella, a common introduced species, is also found within the reserve.

The reserve is home to mahoe, horopito, tarata and emergent pokaka, totara, miro and pahautea and rimu, including one such specimen that is 800 years old. There are several species of birds that inhabit the forest, as well as a range of insects and freshwater species, such as freshwater crayfish and eels.

Forest & Bird's early days of restoration (1975-82) was characterised by the planting of trees, fencing and control of exotic plants. In 1991 the first rimu and matai were planted under the canopy of the big trees and since then other conifer species (kahikatea, miro, totara and pahautea) have been planted. The control of animal pests from 1995 has seen a remarkable re-growth in the vegetation and an increase in birds and invertebrates. Currently the main planting is that of podocarps, pittosporums, coprosmas, bradleaf, wineberry and fuschia.