Poetry for Planting

The following poems, written by children from Raumati South School, were inspired by their award winning efforts in planting the grounds of their school with local trees, graases and flaxes.

Poems from Class Eight

Trees Young Trees  By Emma

Green Soldiers standing,

Tall in the bank

Where soccer balls go.

Reaching to the sky.

Green soft leaves like a pillow.

Come back, come back young birds


Planting Trees  By Emily


Green trees taking over the boring big blank bank.

Standing in rows like soldiers in the long green grass.

Come back birds, come back, we have built you a home.


Nature              By Maxwell


Bank is boring, lame and old

We’ll plant trees that’s what we’re told

Leafy soldiers invade the earth

Giving trees their wonderful birth

Birds come home to your nice soft nest

We’re Room eight we’ll take care of the rest

Tui’s found his home sweet home

Don’t worry Tui your not alone


Best Bank Now  By Michael


Young trees tiny and small

On a bank bright and green.

Making the bank look good and new

Look at it now,

With out soggy soil.

It’s no plain old bank.

It’s like new.

But wait,

Stop! Look!

A tiny Tui is coming to stay.