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Join us to achieve a Pest Free Peninsula:

  • take some simple steps to eliminate predators on your own property

  • become a volunteer to help with pest elimination on our reserves - you will receive comprehensive training

If you live on a suburban section you'll probably only need to target rats.

If you live on a lifestyle block, or a section that is adjacent to a bush reserve or coastline, rats, stoats, and possums are all likely to be present.

If you are interested in trapping on reserves, your own property, or assisting another property owner contact Jenny Hanwell at

All our trapping lines and notified properties with active pest control are shown on our Paint the Peninsula Purple Map.  You can purchase all the equipment and bait required, we can also advise you on what is required for your property type, size and location.

To Buy Traps or Bait Stations for Your Place

To buy traps, bait stations or extra bait to make your backyard a haven for wildlife email

  • Snap E Rat Trap and protective box
  • Sidekick Rat Bait and Trap Station
  • Rat Bait Blocks
  • Timms Trap for possums

We can suggest which traps or bait stations are likely to be most suitable for your situation.

All money raised from sales will go into the Forest & Bird Pest Free Peninsula Project.

Rat Control in Suburban Areas

In suburban areas of the peninsula the biggest threat to our native birds is the Ship Rat. This is easily controlled with traps or poison baits

Whether to use traps or baits to kill rats comes down to your personal preference. If you don’t mind handling dead animals traps are the best option. If you’d love to help out the native birds but getting rid of a dead rat isn’t your thing, then choose the bait station. Both methods come with boxes to protect your kids and pets.

T-rex Rat Trap & Protective Box

This humane rat kill-trap comes complete with a custom made wooden box to keep the trap safe from curious pets and children (see picture). Simply bait with peanut butter and check it regularly.

SNAP-E Rat trap

You can move the trap around occasionally to keep curious rats interested. If you have a compost bin try putting it near there (or even in!) as rats often like the warmth and food provided by a compost bin.


Watch videos about how to set your rat trap at:


Price:  rat trap $10
Price:  protective trap box $25
Contact us to purchase.


Ambush Rat Bait & Trap Station

Tomcat Bait Station

Suitable for use outside, this product is a safe way of poisoning rats and mice while keeping away curious pets and children. The station can also house a Snap-E rat trap (see above). Check the bait regularly to make sure it isn’t wet and hasn’t been eaten. It takes a while for the poison to kick in, so if the bait is gone, wait a week before refilling so you don’t waste bait on dying rats.

Price:  sidekick bait/trap station $25
Price:  rat trap $10
Price:  rat bait see below
Contact us to purchase.

Contrac Brand Bait

Rat bait blocks

We suggest you use Contrac Bait Blocks in your bait station. They kill both rats and mice. The active ingredient is Bromadiolone which is an anticoagulant bait that provides a lethal dose from a single feed (which means the rats don’t get “bait shy”). It is said to be less toxic to non-target animals in both primary and secondary poisoning situations than other single-feeding anticoagulants.

Price: 12 blocks = $15
Price:  Bucket of bait 1.8kg = $50

Contact us to purchase.

Stoats, and Possums on Lifestyle Blocks & Coastal Margins

If you are on a lifestyle block, or on a section adjacent to a bush area or on the coastline, in addition to rat control (see above) you may want to add some traps to target possums and stoats.

Timms Traps for Possums


Timms trap

Timms trap.

The Timms trap is an humane, durable kill trap that can be placed on the ground and other flat surfaces. It is best baited with apples, oranges or kiwifruit. This trap is easy to set and unset.


Watch a video on how to set a Timms Trap


Price:  Timms Trap $75
Contact us to purchase.




Help Us Paint the Peninsula Purple

Become a predator free property and help to preserve habitat for our native plants and animals.

If you are trapping or baiting for rats, possums, stoats or hedgehogs in your backyard then send us your street address and we'll colour your property purple on the map so we can all see the progress we are making to achieve a predator free peninsula.

Places coloured purple in the map have active predator control and are protecting habitat for our native wildlife.

use the +/- buttons to zoom in and your mouse to drag the map around

Trained Volunteers - the Key to Making the Pest Free Peninsula a Reality.

Hibiscus Coast Branch of Forest & Bird arranges training for volunteers in the safe handling of poison bait and of bait stations and kill traps.


Johno Karaka Cove

The training takes approximately one hour and covers a range of issues starting with the Safety Data information for the particular bait being used including handling, storage, and First Aid measures. Demonstrations and hands on training for each type of bait station and each type of trap is also provided.

We have trained over 40 volunteers who are now doing an excellent job of predator control. Now we have our sights set on more locations considered ideal for pest control, to be targeted as more resources and volunteers become available. We are looking for more volunteers to be trained and assist with these new locations.

If this sounds like you please contact Jenny Hanwell - 

Nature needs your support

Supporting Forest & Bird is one of the best things you can do for New Zealand's environment. We need people like you to support us, so that nature will always have a voice.