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The Pharazyn Reserve is a KCDC project for the rehabilitation of an area stretching from the old sewerage ponds at the junction of Rutherford Drive and Paetawa Road, and across the roadway to the beach.   The redevelopment has been in progress for about seven years and it can be expected to continue for many more.  The development plan envisages the rehabilitation of the former wetland area, and the creation of passive recreation areas and walkways from the wetlands down to the beach. A comprehensive plan has been prepared by consultants, and progress is supervised by a Focus Group appointed by the Waikanae Community Board.    The KCDC provides significant finance annually for this development.

Since the commencement of the project, school classes have been involved annually in planting trees and shrubs that are transforming the old ponds into wetlands.   There is scope for public participation in similar activities at the Reserve.  The Focus Group is promoting the formation of a “Friends of the Pharazyn Reserve “, to operate along the same lines as other “Friends” conservation groups like  those involved on the river corridor and the Waimanu lagoon..

 Forest and Bird is represented on the Focus Group by five members but local Branch resources are stretched to support the Kaitawa, Greendale and other projects and are not in a position to commit to any further projects at present.

For further information on involvement in this project, contact Jocelyn Prvanov 293 2677, or Maurice Andrews 293 3550

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