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Help protect bottlenose dolphins

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Support a Marine Mammal Sanctuary

Bottlenose dolphins are dire trouble in Te Pēwhairangi/the Bay of Islands. They need your help! 

Ngā hapū o Pēwhairangi and the Department of Conservation are proposing a Marine Mammal Sanctuary in the Bay of Islands to help save these dolphins. Forest & Bird supports this proposed Marine Mammal Sanctuary.  

You can help! Make a submission to DOC supporting the proposed sanctuary!

Your submission will read: 

To the Department of Conservation,

I support the proposed Marine Mammal Sanctuary for Te Pēwhairangi/the Bay of Islands. Dolphins are apex predators at the top of the food chain and their decline warns us that things are going wrong.

Studies over decades have shown there have been drastic changes in the Bay of Islands’ bottlenose dolphins both in their population and behaviour. Bottlenose dolphins’ numbers dropped from 278 in 1999 to just 26 in 2020, only 16 now frequently in the Bay. That’s a 91% decline in bottle-nosed dolphins! Research focused on the impacts of dolphin tourism where people swim or view dolphins and general public boating contact has shown that there’s too much harassment and distraction and this has changed dolphin behaviour.  

Please create a Marine Mammal Sanctuary in the Te Pēwhairangi/the Bay of Islands to protect the dolphins. 

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