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I will #VoteforNature in 2020!

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Letter to the leaders of: ACT, Green Party, Labour Party, National Party, and New Zealand First. 

Kia ora, 

I am writing to you and other party leaders to let you know how important nature is to me, and to highlight the issues influencing my vote this year.  

I love nature and want to protect it. But right now, nature is at breaking point. Our climate, our native species, our fresh water, and our oceans are in trouble. We need nature, and nature needs us to act.  

Right now we are coming together to respond to Covid-19. In the future, we will need a recovery that protects what matters most. We can create a better future for people and for nature.   

When I vote this year, I’ll be voting for a Government with policies that protect people and planet. I’m looking for:  

  • Oceans restored back to health so they can support marine and human life – we need cameras on commercial fishing boats and more marine reserves to protect ocean life 

  • A safe climate for all life on Earth – we need to do more to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions  

  • A kinder economy for people and planet that restores nature and does not destroy it – we need to make sure businesses and recovery projects make our planet better off  

  • Wild places that are looked after – we need rules that protect our native wild places, like forests, wetlands, and the high country; they can’t continue to be polluted and degraded

  • Conservation land that is safe from coal, gold and other minerals mining – with increasing threats to our endangered plants and animals, we need public conservation land for conservation, not mine pits  

  • Government agencies, like the Department of Conservation, with the resources they need to protect our vanishing native species – we have 4000 native species in trouble; we can create jobs by properly funding their protection  

  • Healthy and safe fresh water in our rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands – we need to turn off pollution at the source 

I look forward to hearing what your plans are to deliver this.

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