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Save the Hauraki Gulf – Speak up for more marine protection

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The Hauraki Gulf is in a state of decline after decades of overfishing. Show your support for strong marine protection!

The Government is considering a proposal to establish 19 new areas to protect and restore the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park / Tīkapa Moana / Te Moananui ā Toi.  The result will be a network of "national parks", each protecting a small area, but all contributing to a more healthy, resilient and abundant Gulf. This may be our best opportunity to restore the Hauraki Gulf in a generation.  

If you love the Hauraki Gulf, sign this petition to show your support. Protect what you love!

I support greater marine protection across the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park / Tīkapa Moana / Te Moananui ā Toi. 

Marine protection is the only proven way to restore an ecosystem to full health. An intact ecosystem is also more resilient to external pressures such as sedimentation, pollution and the impacts of climate change. 

We have seen the direct benefit of marine protection at Goat Island and the Poor Knights. The proposal to protect a range of small areas in the Gulf will bring the same benefits to the wider marine environment, feeding and replenishing unprotected waters. 

The Government must act with urgency to set in place all proposed 19 protection zones in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. The Hauraki Gulf is in a biodiversity crisis and ecological collapse. It is time to act for the benefit of future generations and the mauri of our precious moana.


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