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Save our sharks

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The ocean is integral to life: providing food, climate stability and a home for countless creatures. Among these creatures, sharks play a vital role keeping ocean ecosystems in balance.  

But did you know that some commercial fishers are killing and dumping sharks? Killing our magnificent mangō just to save money on fishing hooks, or because they think sharks are pests.    

The National Plan of Action for Sharks 2022 is our opportunity to stop this cruel slaughter and protect the incredible diversity of sharks found in our waters. 

Your support for stronger action will make a difference for sharks and for healthy oceans. 

Submission to Fisheries New Zealand 

I support strong protection for sharks. As predators at the top of the ocean food web, sharks play an important keystone role in resilient ocean ecosystems.  

Sharks are being needlessly maimed and discarded by commercial fishers, in some cases to retrieve hooks, and other times in a deliberate attempt to “reduce the population size”. The National Plan of Action (NPOA) must ban this horrific practice, end wasteful bycatch of sharks, ensure that fishing safeguards the wider ecosystem, and protect important shark habitats.  

The NPOA must: 

  • Require the live release of protected sharks and sharks that aren’t wanted for food. 

  • Put in place a Zero Bycatch Goal with year-on-year reductions by 2025, aiming to reach negligible bycatch as soon as possible. 

  • Adopt a precautionary, ecosystem-based approach to managing shark fishing. 

  • Protect shark habitats, such as coastal nursery/pupping grounds from pollution and damage. 

The Government has committed greater marine protection, ecosystem-based fisheries management and a zero non-target mortality goal for fisheries in its national biodiversity strategy Te Mana o Te Taiao – the NPOA must realise these commitments. 

Please note: Submissions are public information and the OIA act applies. MPI may post all or parts of any written submission on its website. They will consider you have consented to its publication, unless clearly stated otherwise in your submission. 

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