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How many dead dolphins do you think is too many? How about sea lions?

In just one week this year, the fishing industry told us four Hector’s dolphins, four sea lions and five albatross had been needlessly killed in their nets and lines. You can send a message and tell them to stop, right now, by signing the Zero Bycatch Pledge.

If you can imagine a better future for our dolphins, sea lions, penguins, and albatross but you can’t bear to think of another needless death, sign the pledge today.

Commercial fishing is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of marine mammals and thousands of seabirds every year – and those are just the ones we know about. And until we get the government to commit to Zero Bycatch, nowhere is safe for some of New Zealand's most incredible wildlife.

You can change this.

When you sign the Zero Bycatch Pledge you’ll be telling government and commercial fishers you want a future where protected ocean wildlife is safe from drowning on hooks and in nets – and you expect them to play their part.

YES! I will call for my government to protect the wildlife I love!

I pledge to support:

  • Fishing away from the places and times protected animals forage.
  • Safe, modern fishing methods designed to only catch only what we eat, not dolphins, penguins, coral, or other protected wildlife.
  • The best fishing standards and rules that reduce the chance of killing protected species.
  • Human or electronic observers on all commercial fishing boats, so we can tell who is respecting the rules, and who isn't.
Hector's Dolphin. Photo: Gregory Smith
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