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Support a strong Zero Carbon Bill!

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To the Environment Select Committee: 

I am submitting to support the Zero Carbon Bill (the Bill) and ask for it to be strengthened to protect nature from the worst effects of climate change.    

Our native plants and animals, and the incredible places they live, are under stress from sea level rise, increased floods and fires, and many other terrible climatic changes threatening our world.  

Nature needs a net-zero carbon future, and a commitment to keep climate change to no more than 1.5 degrees.  

I would like the Bill to be even stronger in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farming. It's our largest source of emissions in Aotearoa. The agriculture industry needs to do its share, the same as everyone else.

The Bill should also make future governments accountable for achieving net-zero targets and for implementing carbon budgets. We need to make a plan and stick to it. 

And I want the Bill to make nature a part of the solution. Healthy native forests, dunes, and oceans absorb carbon and reduce the impacts of storms, floods, and sea level rise. We need to care for nature, so it can care for us.  

Let’s transform New Zealand to a low-carbon future where our plants, animals, and people thrive. I am ready to make a change!  

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