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Conservation project
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Pigeon wood seedlings

The nursery is helping to put back what we have lost … habitat; supplying young healthy plants to Zealandia, community groups and our own projects from our plant propagation facility. 

It began life as part of Wellington Branch members vision of a sanctuary on the site of the Karori reservoir. It was their pioneering work that led to the Karori Sanctuary which became Zealandia we know today.  


The 14 shade houses give shelter to the plants in their early stages of development

This nursery continues to supply plants to Zealandia from its site in Highbury. It has over 25,000 plants at various stages of growth in its many shade houses and endeavours to propagate 100+ different species, many of which are regionally rare. It is maintained entirely by volunteers from Forest & Bird and the wider community.

Plants are grown from locally sourced seed and cuttings and supplied to restoration projects in the Wellington region. The operation is funded by grants and donations with any shortfall paid out of Branch funds. It also receives donations of material for its infrastructure.

You can help out.

Land dwelling species (including humans) depend on plants for their survival. Plants provide food , regulate our water, air and climate. They are the foundation of life on this planet. As we destroy habitat (plant life) we cause our birds, reptiles and invertebrates to die out.

There is no better way to reverse this trend than to assist us supply planting groups  with healthy Wellington native plants for their projects.

There are sessions every other weekend on alternate Saturdays and Sundays starting at 1:30pm and most Tuesday mornings starting at 9:00am. All sessions are about 3 hrs in duration and made more enjoyable by the relaxed social atmosphere and the visits by kākā, tui, tātāwai and others from Zealandia and surrounding bush.

We are very grateful to the people who volunteer their time and also to the organisations and individuals who finance the infrastructure and consumable material. Without this support we could not provide this facility. 

If you are interested in helping please email the coordinator.

Our thanks for the support given by:

Wellington Community Trust
Southern Trust
Mitre 10
The Greenwood Environmental Trust
Lotteries Grants Board
NZ Community Trust
Project Crimon
Stout Trust
James Sharon Watson Conservation Trust
Lion Foundation
Pelorus Trust
Trust House Charitable Trust
Cuesports Foundation

Wellington City Council




Take Action!

What can you do

What you can do in 5 minutes
  • Join F&B to keep in touch

  • set aside time to help

  • decide to grow native plants in your garden

  • promote the value of native plants to others

  • let nothing but rain go down the drain (dispose of toxins, paints and other chemicals properly)

What you can do in 20 minutes
  • Find out about a community restoration project near you 

Get involved
  • Spend time helping out at the plant nursery.

  • join a community restoration project

  • start planting native flora

  • remove invasive pest plants from your garden

  • advocate for the preservation of all remaining native forest

  • support the campaigns to clean up our wild rivers

  • get out and enjoy our wonderful wild places


Useful web sites:

NZ Plant Conservation Network


Project or Reserve contact


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Nature needs your support

Supporting Forest & Bird is one of the best things you can do for New Zealand's environment. We need people like you to support us, so that nature will always have a voice.