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Credit Darryl Torckler

Zero Bycatch

How many more albatross, sea lions and dolphins must die before we get cameras on boats?

Zero Bycatch

New Zealand’s fishing industry is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of dolphins and seals and thousands of birds every year, and those are just the ones we know about.

The bycatch death toll is too high, for some species it is a pathway to extinction and it must change.

Our fishing system is broken, but it can be fixed.

Forest & Bird are calling for a zero bycatch pledge. Having a goal of zero bycatch will be a pathway to major reductions in deaths of our protected marine mammals and seabirds and populations will be able to thrive.

If you agree that we should only be catching what we eat, make a donation today.

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Please help us fight for Zero Bycatch by making a donation