Central Auckland

About Us

The Central Auckland branch encompasses exactly the same boundaries as the old Auckland City Council pre Supercity. It is one of the largest branches in the country, with over 1700+ members. We have a page on Facebook to keep you informed daily about us. 

We run regular public meetings & talks & trips and a number of greening projects and information to help you be conservation-wise in the city.



Volunteers can get involved in a range of activities such as planting, weed busting, nursery work and newsletter distribution.



Each year, we run a green schools award for primary and intermediate schools. The award puts $1000 into the pockets of these schools to develop a green project that benefits our native plants and animals. 

On top of this, the branch sponsors some university and tech prizes for biological research. 


Backyard biodiversity and more 

This guide gives you a breakdown of the forest types in the Auckland region, and shows you what to plant to attract native wildlife to your garden and what plants are appropriate for your part of the city

Also in this section are some tips on bird-watching spots around the region.


Kiwi Conservation Club 

The Auckland branch has a very active kids club that organises trips & activities for young eco-warriors wanting to learn about the wildlife that calls NZ home.

We have regular KCC activities and trips you can join us on.



The Central Auckland branch is very much involved in creating green corridors for our native wildlife,  and encouraging you to promote conservation in your garden.

One of our major greening projects is North-West Wildlink which aims to link up bird habitat from the Waitakere and Hunua Ranges right through to the Hauraki Gulf islands. The first bush corridor is the Northwest Wildlink.  We want to use this as an example of similar corridors in other parts of Auckland region.