Local Birdlife

Between October and March each year the bar-tailed godwits come in their thousands to the Ruakaka Sandspit during the monthly kingtides. The spit has the highest piece of sand in the Whangarei Area at a kingtide. There are many threats to them landing and staying.



One of the major projects that the Northern branch is undertaking is planting the esplanade strip along the Waipu river, with plants accessed from local nurseries. As well as restoring this area, the branch will also begin planting on the newly created QE II Convenant of the Cowley’s in the hills at the back of Waipu on the 11th August, for more information on this contact

09 09 556013109 09 5560131


Hi! My name is Nikayla and I belong to the Ruakaka School Kiwi Conservation Club.
Bikes are bad for the Estuary as they could hurt the birds and damage the plants. Bikes on beaches are not sustainable.

I live right next to the Ruakaka Estuary and our school has a theme of sustainability for 2009. We are thinking about it in many different ways.

Motorbikes on beaches 

The Whangarei District Council has a meeting on May 27th when they will present a proposal to the Councillors concerning safety, environmental and nuisance issues as the result of ‘inapproppriate’ use of vehicles on beaches. The option they have chosen is to create a By-law. Ironically, suggested prohibitions on the use of paragliders, kiteboards and hangliders in the vicinity of other beach users may help us to protect the godwits and other birds. The final proposal will go the public for submissions.

Monthly Rambles

Each month the Northern Branch holds a Ramble to an area of interest usually within 1 hours drive of Whangarei city.   This is not a tramp, but a more sedate walk to explore an area of native bush or assist with planting on a property.  The opportunity to be educated about the botany of the area is always very interesting.   Contact Diane on (09) 438 6636(09) 438 6636 if you would like a calendar of the next 6 months events on the Rambles Calendar.