Protect a Penguin

Penguins once had a safe home in New Zealand. But today they are in crisis with five of our six species now classified as threatened. The threats are many. Penguins can be caught and killed in fishing nets and have to compete with fishers for a depleted supply of fish. And that’s just at sea.

On land there are attacks from introduced predators, disease, even heat stroke from loss of covering vegetation. Penguins are in crisis – but we have a plan – and you can make a difference.

How can you help?

New Zealand is home to a third of the world’s penguin species and half of these are found nowhere else in the world. Our yellow-eyed penguin/hoiho is the rarest penguin the world and it’s in real trouble with only 1,700 pairs left.

Forest & Bird has joined forces with the other 120 BirdLife International partner organisations around the world to give penguins the biggest global voice possible. Together we will be calling on our governments to take action and commit to a strategy to help penguins recover and thrive.

Here in New Zealand, we want to see the establishment of a national recovery plan to protect all six penguin species. We urgently need measures to reduce penguin bycatch, more predator control and more research and habitat protection, including more marine reserves and protected areas.

And, to bring all of this together, your donation will be used to employ a Forest & Bird penguin co-ordinator who will advocate for the establishment of a Penguin Recovery Group and coordinate work on other priority penguin projects.

Please protect a penguin today – your gift will help ensure they always have a safe home.