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Keruru sitting in a tree with neck outstretched
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Photo credit - Kirk Serpes

Bird of the Year 2018

Congratulations to the kerurū for taking the title of #BirdoftheYear for 2018 with 5833 votes.
freshwater fish new zealand

Protect freshwater fish

Our unique and wonderful native freshwater fish are in serious trouble. The Freshwater Fish Bill is our chance to better protect these precious creatures and their habitats.
Tautuku estuary, Catlins

South Island Gathering

Join our South Island branches for our annual gathering on 26 October in the Catlins
Close up of the Northland green gecko on a plant
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The Northland green gecko, Naultinus grayii, is a gecko found only in the Northland region of New Zealand, north of Whangaroa. Its total length is up to 200 mm, snout to vent up to 95 mm.
Credit: Bernard Spragg Creative commons


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