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Maui dolphin jumping out of the sea
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Save our sealife

Our ocean animals don't deserve to drown in their thousands - frightened and in pain - on commercial lines, hooks and in nets every year. If you're sick of the excuses and lies from New Zealand's fishing industry while they continue to trash our ocean, join us and sign the Zero Bycatch Pledge.
Join your kids up to the Kiwi Conservation Club

Join KCC

Forest & Bird’s Kiwi Conservation Club | Hakuturi Toa (KCC) will get your kids off their screens and into nature. Join them up to KCC now and connect your kids with New Zealand's fantastic wildlife and wild places.

A blue whale shows its fluke as it dives
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A blue whale shows its fluke as it dives. Credit: GEMM Lab at Oregon State University

Defend Nature

Many of our greatest battles aren’t fought in the oceans, in the forests, by the rivers, or on the beaches but on the benches – in tribunals and courtrooms. This is where we take on different giants, often faceless ones, seeking to exploit habitats and jeopardise nature’s way of life, our way of life. Defending nature shouldn’t come at a cost. But sadly, when you are up against giants, it often does.
Kid walking on a river bank

Fight for Freshwater

Our fresh water ki uta ki wai (from mountains to sea) has been mismanaged to the point of crisis. Our wetlands are being drained and our native freshwater species are in big trouble.
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Kōkako. Credit: Tara Swan

Defend our Biodiversity

Submissions are currently open on New Zealand's biodiversity strategy. Help protect and enhance the places where our native plants and animals live by having a say now!

Forest & Bird is Aotearoa/New Zealand's leading independent conservation organisation.

We are nature's voice and work to defend nature – across our Land, Fresh water, Oceans and Climate. But we can't do it without your support.

Forest & Bird is defending nature across Aotearoa/New Zealand...

Nature needs your support

Supporting Forest & Bird is one of the best things you can do for New Zealand's environment. We need people like you to support us, so that nature will always have a voice.