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Upper Coromandel

North Island

The Upper Coromandel branch of Forest & Bird focuses on projects that support the regeneration of native flora and fauna and the protection of natural landscapes. We collaborate with a number of agencies for greater impact and spread. We actively work towards preventing environmentally destructive practices and schemes.


A kōtare (kingfisher). Credit: Craig McKenzie

  • We support efforts to try to halt the spread of Kauri dieback by working with DOC and TCDC
  • We work to protect the area’s native vegetation by collaborating with Moehau Environment Group (MEG) and other groups.
  • We are restoring an area of coastline at Torehina (Waitete Bay) with the community.
  • We are involved in a coastal trapping programme.
  • We are supporting the establishment of a native tree nursery in Coromandel.
  • We are working on citizen monitoring of the plastic on our beaches with Sustainable Coastlines.
  • We engage with others protecting our coasts and harbours from rubbish, nitrate leach and siltation.
  • We are involved in the care of Coromandel Harbour, encouraging upstream planting and working to ensure the harbour’s toxic sediments are not dredged.
  • We support restoration of the wetland adjoining the Coromandel Harbour and the efforts of the McGregor Bay Wetland Society.
  • We are active in supporting the kaupapa of pest control and restoration of the Colville Islands.
  • We support the drafting of a bylaw that ensures that all leg-hold traps are placed above a height where kiwi or other ground-dwelling birds might accidentally come across them.
  • We aim to keep Coromandel free of gold-mining and support the efforts of Peninsula Watchdog.

Get involved

The branch is always looking for new members. We meet on the first Thursday of the month at 10.30 in Coromandel Town and welcome members. 

If you would like to get involved with our branch activities or to find out more then please get in touch.

Current chair: Joint chairs Kate Donoghue and Kate James


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