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View of the snow-tipped Saint Arnaud Range within Nelson Lakes Natonal Park
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The snow-tipped Saint Arnaud Range within Nelson Lakes Natonal Park


Ours not mine

Conservation area:

The Government has said it will protect our public conservation land from mining, but the mining industry are pushing back. Unless we have your support, we may not be able to save all of our precious lands. 

Why it matters

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Former Chief Conservation Advisor Kevin Hackwell, explains Forest & Bird's campaign to protect all conservation land from new mines.

Our conservation land is often the last refuge for many native species that are in serious trouble. Yet over the decades, that publicly owned land has been plundered for its gold, its coal, and other minerals. That may have led to localised, and even national, extinctions. 

Donate to save conservation land 

Our national parks, scenic reserves, conservation parks, and stewardship areas are a national network belonging to all New Zealanders. 

In 2017, the Prime Minister said there would be no new mines on public conservation land, and the Ministers of Conservation and Energy & Resources have said they will consult on how this will be achieved. 

Yet mining interests are pushing back. They want to keep vast tracts of conservation land – nearly one-third – open for mining into the future. 

We need all our conservation land to contribute to a thriving natural environment. Even those small remnants that once were subjected to burning, logging or previous mining are precious. 

It’s time to move on from plundering our conservation lands, to ensuring they are protected forever.  We need your help to ensure this plan for protection is made into law. 

What Forest & Bird is doing

  • Opposing new mines on conservation land, particularly opencast coal mines, through legal processes.
  • Lobbying the Government to pass legislation to end new mines on conservation land.
  • Highlighting the environmental destruction caused by mining in New Zealand.

What can you do

  • Donate to help us pay for campaigns and legal cases.
  • Subscribe to defend nature.Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on how we're helping stop mining on conservation land.
  • Write to your local MP asking them to support no new mines on ALL conservation land.

Nature needs your support

Supporting Forest & Bird is one of the best things you can do for New Zealand's environment. We need people like you to support us, so that nature will always have a voice.