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Blenheim School Hall, Seymour Street, Blenheim
New Zealand

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Public talk
Conservation area:
Top of the South

This month Rob and Sally Peter will talk about Marlborough's East Coast, this is a wonderful wild area with lots of birds and other wildlife. Rob and Sally will talk about why this area is special. 

The Marlborough East Coast here was uplifted as a result of the Kaikoura earthquake, making vehicle access possible over a huge area of the beach and foreshore, which was not possible before the earthquake. So, there have been lots of 4-wheel drives, quad bikes and motorbikes, using the beach and foreshore. Unfortunately, this has badly impacted on birds that feed and nest in the area. Whilst some vehicle drivers use the area respectfully and drive sedately and below the high-water line, others do not.

Concerns were raised about the adverse effects of beach use on the local wildlife, so Marlborough District Council investigated and proposed a limit on access. This is a contentious issue with beach users and is due to go out for consultation, but that has not happened yet. 

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