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Blenheim School Hall, Seymour St., Blenheim
New Zealand

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Public talk
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South Island
Top of the South

Despite years of effort and intense research, many of our most iconic forest fauna species, such as kakapo and tuatara, remain effectively marooned on small offshore islands where a disease outbreak or pest invasion could mean their end. Moreover, we have effectively run out of suitable offshore islands. In addition, many of our less threatened species, such as kaka and robin, have severely diminished abundance and range and new technologies are slow to emerge to help turn the tide.  So where do we go to from here?

In this talk, Jim Lynch, founder of Zealandia, proposes a new way of managing our forests and threatened species to not only end the prospects of extinction but to dramatically improve the range and abundance of most forest flora and fauna. Jim will describe the “Nursery and halo” model whereby a large core area (up to 3,000ha) of prime habitat is made secure through pest exclusion fencing and the surrounding habitat is managed to reduce pest densities to very low levels. Species breed in the safe zone and the surplus migrates out to repopulate the surrounding managed area. Jim will explain exactly how the model works, provide examples, and describe how a network of these ‘super sanctuaries’ spread across Aotearoa, could be a permanent game changer. He will also explain the potential positive social and economic impacts and what technologies and funding are needed to accomplish this. Jim will explain how the biodiversity of Wellington has been transformed by this concept and how a super sanctuary at Wainuiomata could be the pilot for the model.

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