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Party Scorecards

A voter scorecard for environment issues: Labour C, National D, Green party A-, TOP B

These scorecards were developed and delivered by Forest & Bird Youth. They give people, especially rangatahi, a clearer picture on how to vote for nature in election 2020. They also show how far every party still has to go when it comes to protecting and restoring Te Taiao.

The robust scoring methodology used, and the raw responses from political parties, are available to view below. 

Forest & Bird Youth is asking for voters of all stripes to make their voices heard. We need to put nature at the heart of plans for Aotearoa's future.

Toitū he kāinga, whatu ngarongaro he tangata. | While the land remains the inhabitants are gone.

Explore the scores for each political party

Detailed Youth Scorecard


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Note: Forest & Bird Youth engaged with several other major political parties but did not receive a response.

To understand how the Forest & Bird Youth scorecards were developed, please read the scoring methodology and the raw party responses below. 

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