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Conservation project
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North Island
Hawke's Bay
Pukahu stream with recent planting on the riverbank

Located near Pukahu, these plantings are at the confluence of the Awanui and Ironbank Streams, that join to form the Karamu Stream

The vision for our native planting projects is to create an environment alongside our local waterways that supports aquatic and terrestrial life. These waterways are an important link between the mountains and the seas, allowing our native animals to travel easily across the motu. 

These projects form part of the Biodiversity Strategy that our branch has signed up to with Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.  As well providing pathways for our native species, some of these areas will also provide good aesthetics to people who use these spaces for recreational purposes.

To achieve our vision, we will be planting native plants and caring for them for the first year to give them as much chance as possible of flourishing. Monthly jobs include weeding, mulching and/or watering to ensure the plants are well established. After year one, the planted areas are handed over to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council to manage, and we move onto the next area.

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