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Te reo o te taiao - Voice for Nature

We are living in changing and challenging times. For nearly a century Forest & Bird has been the voice for nature. Now our voice must be louder and our resolve to protect nature is stronger than ever before.

  • We speak out for nature, we work together.
  • We defend nature in our community halls, in the courtroom, and in legislation.
  • We create change at all levels to protect nature across Aotearoa, New Zealand to restore native environments, because we love our country.

We do all this as an independent non-government organisation, with a collective purpose to protect indigenous biodiversity without government help and free from big business agenda. We can do this because of the huge number of Forest & Bird members who donate their time, their hard-earned dollars, and their expertise, to take action protecting a living environment for everyone to enjoy.

We love Aotearoa, New Zealand’s forests, rivers, and sea and the wildlife that live there. And we know that nature looks after us, providing clean air and fresh water so we can all enjoy the ecosystem services that nature provides. If we are to thrive, nature must thrive too.

The time is now... In the next decade environmental pressures, habitat loss and ecosystem services will be degraded if we collectively fail to change the trajectory which will drive thousands of our native species of flora and fauna to extinction. It is happening all around the world. We need to work together for change.

We can and we will do something about it. It is no longer an option just to seek the protection of landscapes, ecosystems and wildlife without facing the combined threats of the climate crisis.

The time to champion big ideas is now. The window is open, despite the magnitude and urgency of these twin crises, for Aotearoa, New Zealand to make transformational change. We can be game changers but we must act now.

Nature needs your support

Supporting Forest & Bird is one of the best things you can do for New Zealand's environment. We need people like you to support us, so that nature will always have a voice.