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We dive into Aotearoa’s big blue backyard in our marine-themed Spring issue.

A snapper on the cover of the Spring 2020 issue of our magazine

The cover story looks at how ocean life in the Hauraki Gulf is in big trouble with less than 0.5% fully protected by marine reserves. Over the past two decades, locals have seen snapper and crayfish stocks vanishing. We look at what kind of changes are needed to reverse the Gulf’s decline and whether there is the political will to make them.

Back on land, Les McPherson has spent 50 years collecting the bird calls of every single New Zealand bird. Read how he has negotiated with Soviet leaders and the French military to add to his incredible avian collection. Speaking of birds, don’t miss Kaila Ritchie’s fascinating article about the secret life of shearwaters.

We have an exclusive interview with Allbirds co-founder Tim Brown who explains why he has built a global brand making climate-friendly shoes. Mining is a sunset industry so why is a tiny rūnanga battling a huge Australian mining company that wants to prospect for gold on conservation land at Horohoro Mountain, in the Bay of Plenty?

Help us spot New Zealand’s fragile forest ringlet butterfly this summer, discover lizard life at Mokomoko dryland sanctuary, in Otago, find out why sea stars are “headless wonders”, travel with us to the ancient rainforests of Okarito saved from logging by Forest & Bird in the 1980s.

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