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New Zealand’s largest independent conservation organisation is throwing its weight behind the young people striking from school on 15 March to demand action on climate change. 

“They will have to deal with much worse effects of climate change than we do, and we must listen to their voices,” says Forest & Bird chief executive Kevin Hague. 

The ‘School Strike 4 Climate’ invites young people to strike from school and take part in a global day of climate change protest. 

“Young people are completely correct when they say we cannot continue with ‘business as usual’ when, without drastic and urgent action, climate change will destroy all that is ‘usual’ in our lives,” says Mr Hague.  

“Our native animals are already dying in extreme weather, like the kiwi that can’t get their beaks into the ground because of the crippling drought in Northland." 

“We’re proud of young people standing up for what’s right.”   

The young people who’ve initiated and organised the strike in Aotearoa/New Zealand are demanding the Government take action to hold global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees. 

“These young people take their future, and the future of the planet very seriously, and right now they’ve chosen to make a statement about the importance of climate change. We should listen.” 

More on School Strike

School strike for climate map

Young people around New Zealand are planning strike action for
15 March.

Find the latest maps on the School Strike 4 Climate NZ Facebook page

Read their demands on the School Strike 4 Climate NZ website

Kids and adults can use this letter starter to write a letter to MPs asking them to support a strong Zero Carbon Bill. 

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