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Pest plants and weeds are one of the biggest threats to our native biodiversity along with pest animals and climate change.

A tree privet bush in flower

Tree privet is one of the "worst weeds" identified by our Auckland branch. Credit: Richard Hursthouse

Many introduced plant species are spreading throughout New Zealand, growing in our native forests and displacing or smothering our native vegetation. These plants generally are fast growing, hardy and some are very hard to control. 

Our branches and volunteers are regularly involved in pest plant control around New Zealand. See the local branch pages for more details on how to take get involved.

    About this guide

    Forest & Bird's North Shore Branch member (Richard Hursthouse) has compiled this weed control guide for residents, bush care groups and businesses.

    The guide offers a range of physical and chemical control methods. It is largely focussed on the weeds which are a problem in the Auckland and Northland regions.

    In time we hope to include reference to weeds which are more of a problem further south.

    The guide has been developed with input from many weed control contractors, Auckland Council biosecurity staff and volunteers active in the weed control space. 

    Download our weed countrol guide

    The Forest & Bird weed guide is also available in simplified Chinese (Mandarin). 


    Learn more about weeds and how to control them

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