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In Rachel House’s directorial debut, The Mountain follows the story of a young girl who feels disconnected from her Māori heritage. She wants to become closer with her maunga in the hope that she will feel reconnected, and that it will help her fight cancer. 

Terrence (Ted) Daniel plays Bronco, a character who is a clear advocate for helping and protecting Papatūānuku. Forest & Bird Youth (F&BY) asked Ted a few questions about his experience with filming The Mountain and its connection Papatūānuku.

F&BY: The Mountain was obviously filmed in some beautiful places – where was this? And what was your favourite part of the scenery? 

Ted: The Mountain was made around Pouākai, Taranaki and all around it. My favourite scenery was when we were up the mountain, and we could see all the mountains in the back, Mt Tongariro, Mt Ngāuruhoe and Ruapehu and the sunrise! 

F&BY: How long did it take you to film The Mountain? And what was your favourite part of filming? 

Ted: It took about eight weeks. And my favourite part was, working with the camera but trying not to look at it, because it was a real challenge!

F&BY: Your character Bronco is the guardian of Papatūānuku - We always love to see young people advocating for the environment! Are you similar to Bronco in this way? 

Ted: Yes, I am similar to Bronco, because I like going fishing, I like the tawa, and I always go out to see my papa, and he lives in the bush. I like to play around in the bush. 

F&BY: As a young actor, do you want to continue acting in the future? What would be your dream job?

Ted: If a part comes up to me, 100 percent I will try! But, if it doesn't, then I will still be waiting. And my dream job is acting, but if I don’t get acting - probably a rugby player!

I really want to thank Forest & Bird Magazine for being like Bronco and helping Papatūānuku to be a kaitiaki, a guardian of Papatūānuku - so thank you. 

See The Mountain in cinemas from Thursday 28 March 2024.

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