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In this issue, we dive into the ocean and discover a stunning “marine animal” forest on Wellington’s doorstep. Find out why we need to do more to protect these under-appreciated and vulnerable ecosystems in the marine “twilight zone”.

Hidden Wonders - Cover for Forest & Bird magazine Spring 2022 issue

In ‘Time to talk about cats’, Amelia Geary explains why Forest & Bird wants the Government to introduce a Cat Management Act with compulsory desexing and microchipping to boost local bird and lizard life. This will improve the welfare of all cats and reduce the number of strays and ferals.

Our staff and branch volunteers spent weeks pouring over maps and writing a detailed submission on the Government’s West Coast stewardship land review. New Zealand has lost 98% of its ancient kahikatea forests and Gerry McSweeney explains why two important remnants, south of Fox Glacier, deserve stronger protection.

We look at the proposal to build New Zealand’s largest hydro lake at Lake Onslow – will it be our country’s climate saviour or a potential $4bn white elephant? We have many questions and have been pressing the Government for answers. Meanwhile, Karen Denyer and Monica Peters talk about their favourite wetlands and why we should all care for these ecological underdogs.

John Sumich explains why birds fly into windows and gives some advice on how to stop them, and we find out why young Cook’s petrels are being grounded by Auckland’s light pollution. All this plus much more: copper butterflies, golden geckos, blue mushrooms, brown teal, and giant elephant seals!

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