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Summer 2021 magazine issue cover page with a clown toado (sharp-nosed puffer fish)

In this issue, Alex Stone investigates whether it’s possible to rewild the ocean by releasing keystone species such as hāpuku into marine-protected areas in the same way as conservationists translocate kiwi and other birds into forest reserves. 

As we head into the holiday season, we look at the issue of dogs and cars on beaches and their impact on local wildlife. What can be done to protect our seabirds and marine mammals from human disturbance?

Jane Young looks at how ecologists can help native habitats adapt to the impact of climate change, while our climate team has put together a handy Q&A about coal explaining why it is possible for New Zealand to stop mining it.

We were all a bit surprised to learn that global superstar Lorde was planning to donate half her royalties from her new Te Ao Māori EP to Forest & Bird, thank you Ella! You can find out why she did this on page 24 of your summer issue.

All this and so much more – investing with purpose, rat tucker research, tohorā tales, how to create a butterfly-friendly garden, reef-safe sunscreens, braided river birds, lizard births, holiday reads, Christmas gift guide, and the first in our 26 Habitats NZ writing series.

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