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Update September 2021.On the 22nd of September 2021 Upper Hutt City Council voted to scrap the controversial Memorandom Of Understanding that was signed back in 2016 between UHCC and a developer seeking to build 100 houses on he Slverstream Spur. Forest & Bird Upper Hutt is obviously delighted with this step as we understand talk of constructing any houses on the Spur is now scuppered, a major step change from only a few months ago when we saw concept drawings of the 100 houses overlooking our site.


Upper Hutt Forest and Bird, Silver Stream Railway and Save Our Hills Incorporated remain opposed to the use of 25,000 m2 of the Spur for the construction of a kilometre long road which will sever the Spur and effectively halve its potential as an ecological corridor if merged with other adjacent reserve land. The petitions we have all been running calling for the Spur to be rezoned as open space and designated as a reserve have been submitted to UHCC. Also our latest research findings show UHCC publicly stated via a newspaper advertisement that the Spur was to be designated as a Scenic Reserve. With the MOU now disolved and UHCC currently updating open space zoning around the city, it is the perfect time to see the original vision for the Spur realised.

So a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us in this mission, while we are buoyed by this latest step, we are still expecting a long haul to get the result which the community wants. We will be continuing to update this page as new information comes to hand.



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