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How can you help PFHC?

The Pest-free Hibiscus Coast Project offers several levels of participation, from trapping rats and possums, to volunteering or business sponsorship. Please select the option below that most suits you:

Rat trapping in your backyard

Record a trap catch

Order a Chew Card

Possum trapping on your property

Buy professional rat bait / bait station

Already trapping and want to join our project?

Got your traps? Click on the link below for instructions on how to register on

Get a rat trap for your backyard

Andy the PFHC volunteer with trap boxes
  • Free, donations welcome
  • Pet-safe, easy, humane
  • You must register and record your catches on 

Select which option applies to you:

Individual Backyard Rat Traps - Where do you live?

Click here to order your trap

Anyone living in the project area highlighted on the map below can order a rat trap from us at anytime, just click on the link above.

The only “catch” is that you need to register on Trap.NZ before your trap will be delivered, and then report your catches over time. Instructions on how to do this are provided.

What’s really important is to keep setting you trap regularly, whether you catch a lot of not. Keep trying different baits and ask for help if you need it, the main thing is that if a rat does comes along your trap is ready and waiting.

To make the most of our resources and focus our impact, in 2022 we are giving an extra boost to promote backyard trapping in the following Hub areas. In these areas in particular we are looking for lots of community volunteers, with support from Andrea, our Community Hub Activators.

  • Manly-East-Tindalls-Matakatia
  • Vipond
  • Manly West-Stanmore Bay East
Map of Pest Free Hibiscus Coast Project area and hubs

Neighbourhood Groups & Community Volunteers

Wherever you live on the Hibiscus Coast, we’d love you help you start trapping together with your neighbours. Neighbourhood / street groups are popping up all over the Hibiscus Coast as people recognise how much more effective and satisfying it is to trap together. 

We are looking for members of the community who are keen to get more involved, be it through doing a simple mail drop, delivering traps or supporting local trappers with improving their catch rate and recording catches.

Just get in touch with Andrea, our Community Hub Activator who can provide you with letters, flyers and traps to hand out. We can also come and talk to you at a neighbourhood get together or group event.


Community Hub Activator – Andrea Dick, for advice on backyard trapping and using Trap.NZ to record your catches:

Project Manager – Jenny Hanwell

As Pest Free Hibiscus Coast is dependent on grant funding, if you are able, a koha / donation is welcome towards our work. These can be made via online banking to Hibiscus Coast Branch Forest & Bird 38-9020-0362827-03 using PFHC as a reference.

Pest free Hibiscus Coast traps map - Aug 2022
16 Pest free Hibiscus Coast volunteers holding traps in someone's lounge

Pest Free Boaties!

Wherever you live on the Hibiscus Coast , if you own a boat, you should also have a rat trap, and we can supply one for you.

Here on the Hibiscus Coast we love our boats, sailing in the Hauraki Gulf and visiting pest free islands, but we need to make sure we aren’t carrying rats in our gear or on our boat when we go. As well as checking your gear for pests before heading out, you can collect your own backyard rat trap from our friends at the Gulf Harbour Marina office, just drop in and ask for Maria.

Possum Trap Library

PFHC volunteer Derek setting up a humane tested Flipping Timmy possum trap

Volunteer Derek setting up a humane tested Flipping Timmy possum trap.

Possums can cause huge damage to native forests, preventing tree growth , flowering and fruiting, as well as consuming native birds eggs and chicks. Contact us to borrow a humane, easy to use trap for 6 weeks or purchase one here

Buy rat bait and a secure bait station

Support the Hibiscus Coast Branch of Forest and Bird by purchasing a professional quality poison rat bait and / a bait station from us, the same as we use on parks. Order here.

Contrac rat poison bucket and bait station

Already got a trap or bait station?

Join our project! Register with us and let us know where you are and when you catch something or get bait taken. Contact us or create an account on, then find the Pest Free Hibiscus Coast Project Hub for your area and request to join.

Restore Hibiscus & Bays Network & Pest Plants: 

Do you want to get involved in trapping but live elsewhere in the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board area? Visit the Restore Hibiscus & Bays website for more information about action for conservation where you live.

Restore Hibiscus & Bays also has lots of information about controlling pest plants available on their website. Forest & Bird Hibiscus Coast branch is working with them to target pest plants on reserves and private land across the community.

Pest Free Hibiscus Coast is currently supported by:

Auckland Council, Foundation North, Hibiscus & Bays Local Board, Lotteries Environment & Heritage.

In 2021-2 we were also supported by grants from Department of Conservation and Little Kowhai Charitable Trust (managed by Perpetual Guardian)

We would also like to thank, Gulf Harbour Marina, Forty Thieves, Arvida, Gulf Harbour Country Club and Bunnings Warehouse for their ongoing support and donations locally. 

Project contact

Jenny Hanwell -

Nature needs your support

Supporting Forest & Bird is one of the best things you can do for New Zealand's environment. We need people like you to support us, so that nature will always have a voice.